What are Sources in Dendro?

All learning in Dendro starts with adding sources. But what are they?

Essentially, a source in Dendro is shorthand for any source of information or inspiration that you use to stimulate your thinking.

In practice, a source may be a book, youtube video, documentary, a conversation with a friend or expert, a note you wrote after you had a great idea in the shower, and so on. It represents the starting point for a new branch of your learning. Using sources as starting points provides several benefits:

  • Context / Big Picture: All content in Dendro has clear and strong context that can be reviewed at any time. This is extremely important for holding together large numbers of atomic notes and flashcards, which each contain small, isolated ideas.
  • Organic creation of flashcards: When you read a great book, or have a great conversation with an expert, there's quite a gap to bridge to convert the ideas learned into useful flashcards for remembering the key points. In contrast, it's a lot more natural to jot down a few notes. If you come back to those notes later - something that is much easier to do using Dendro's smart scheduling - you can refine and clarify your notes. Once you have some clear, simple notes, it's relatively easy to create great flashcards using the Add Task button.
  • Referencing: At some point, you may wish to "go back to the source", either to find more information or to give credit to the person who came up with the initial idea.
As you learn in Dendro, you will create many notes and tasks. Every one of these will attach itself to the parent source, so that you can deal with vast quantities of content, without forgetting where it all came from.
To get started with sources, see Adding Sources.
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